How To Choose Wood Flooring

When choosing a hardwood floor, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Between solid vs. engineered, prefinished vs. unfinished, stained vs. natural, smooth vs. wire brushed or scraped, etc., there can be hundreds of different options in front of you. The important thing to remember when you begin the search for a hardwood floor is that the floor will be YOURS. No matter what anybody tells you, at the end of the day you will be the one looking at it and walking on it for years. Pick something that you absolutely love. Whether you are working with a designer or architect, or simply shopping around on your own, remember that your opinion trumps everyone else’s.

After you make the decision to go with hardwood flooring, you will need to begin your search for the perfect floor. If you have little or no experience, you may not know where to start. It is perfectly normal to browse the internet in order to get an idea of what is out there. Sites like or are good starting points. It’s a good idea to walk into a showroom or store with some idea of what you are looking for. The salespeople will appreciate a good frame of reference when showing you different options.

Here I’ve included an example of a customer testimonial which details the thought process of an individual who wanted to replace his hardwood floor with a new one:

I moved to New York about 3 years ago, I bought a house not long after. The house was in fair condition, the floors however spoke of a different story, they looked old and rusty, they had no shine to them. Instead of demanding from my sellers that they bring the condition of the floors up to par, I decided to renovate them myself since it seemed easier.

The crew at Perfect Interior Designs, Inc. a/k/a PID Floors, Inc suggested that I visit their state of the art wood flooring showroom in Chelsea, New York, NY Once in the showroom, I was amazed at the rich source of information and samples of high end designer wood flooring among which was Duro Design, They have dedicated their time and, have worked around the clock to ensure that I leave satisfied. They also recommended an installer with over 15 years experience, who went to work right away on the deteriorated floors. Once in the showroom, I was amazed at the rich source of information and samples of high end designer wood flooring among which was Duro Design.  From their experience they believed that it’s best to remove the old, rusty parquet planks and replace them with new ones, straight off the factory.  Speaking of factory, our trusted and most respected confidant, among many factories in this industry is Duro Design. They worked side by side with PID to make sure that each and every plank of wood flooring supplied by them is of utmost quality. I must confess, I am not an expert but, I know high quality flooring when I see it.

For the period of time the floors were being done, I had no choice but to find myself a temporary living environment because, not only are the dust and fumes, which are obviously inevitable during this period of time, are unbearable to stand, they are also unsafe  and hazardous.

I know firsthand that Duro Design has a wide variety of wood flooring, saturated with bold color so, I dived head first into the sea of color in search for the perfect one, of course with the help of professionals both at PID Floors, Inc and the crew at Duro Design.  I searched endlessly, looked through, designer magazines, catalogs and brochures, and just when I thought of giving up, I found the perfect color, it was in an architectural digest catalog, which PID holds in its archives as a valuable source of reference for itself and its clientele. The color was Oak Walnut, which would look beautiful and with a modern twist in my living room, where the atmosphere is very pleasant due to daylight sunshine 365 days a year. In the bedroom, my wife wanted a more romantic, warm and cozy atmosphere, so naturally we went with Solid Bamboo.

After all is said and done, I would highly recommend such a powerful duo as PID Floors, Inc and Duro Design, with them you will never go wrong.


As you can see, this customer had little or no knowledge when he began his search, but ended up with a finished product that he was truly happy with. The experts were able to help him but the ultimate decision was his.

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